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How to get Assassin Emblem and Altair costume in Metal Gear Solid 4

Posted by jacktruong on September 23, 2008

To get the Assassin Emblem and also Altair costume, you have to fulfill 3 conditions: have 50+ knife kills, 50+ CQC holds and less than 25 alerts. For short, just CQC hold 50 enemies and slit their throats.

But, the problem is, in MGS4, you hardly find any enemy go alone. They usually go by groups and that will make things harder for you. Luckily, I just find a way to make it a little easier, you just need a little patience to do this.

Where? Remember the scene when you encounter Akiba for the first time and you get the drum? From that scene, go up a little bit, you can see a white rebel guy standing in the corner facing away from you. do whatever you want to him. You can search his body (to get the Ant and Gibbon emblem also), then kill him. Then, run and hide at the ladder. Another guy will go to the EXACT location( very convenient, huh?), do this 50 times and keep your alerts under 25 and you’re good to go. Below is a video clip show how to do it

Note:in this video clip, I used the Syringe only for fun. It doesn’t have any effect on your record.

By the way, if you wonder what will happen when you kill the rebels, they will turn against you of course, but there is an easy way to make them friendly again. There is a bunch of PMC soldiers up ahead, clim the ladder, use the mortar to kill all of them, after that, the rebels will be your friends again( sometime I wish life will be easy like that)

And if you don’t need the emblems, just the costume, there is a code for it:aottrykmyn

If you have any idea or tip to play this game, feel free to post a little comment, thank you!

Have fun!!!

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