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Having sex on car

Posted by jacktruong on October 26, 2008

ok, here is some real hot stuff

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Funny pictures of church

Posted by jacktruong on October 5, 2008

Who say going to church is boring? Some churches managed to bring something fun along while serving God as well

Yup, the churches are always good at that

And don’t make Him angry

Church with mixed message

A little bit too strict

Hey, that one is near my house

Look like there’s someone who really hate Harry Reid

Take this, Larry

I second this

Side note: many people drive 15 MPH more than the speed limit in Texas

Who say Wal Mart is the only saving place?

Many people don’t know this, but…..

This guy is plain awesome

Finally, my favorite

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Strange signs

Posted by jacktruong on September 24, 2008

Sometime, you will encounter something a little bit different than the normal “Stop” and “Yield” signs on the road, these are some example:

Finally, someone managed to breed new cows, but, how can we catch them?

Gotta love the dancers

Very innovative idea

Nirvana is near

Only cat?

So, which way should I go?

Stay or die

The sign said it

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