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Otaku girls

Posted by jacktruong on November 13, 2008

In the world of Anime and Manga, there is no boundary. Anyone can become an otaku in one way or another. So, the word “Otaku” isn’t just to describe any nerdy-looking guy who fap in front of a monitor. Here is some example of otaku girls. Dig it


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Typical situation in comedy romance Anime-Manga

Posted by jacktruong on September 26, 2008

Talking about characters in some comedy romance A-M(anime-manga), I can’t help but think that many of them share the same traits and personalities. Some personalities are unique, but most of the time, they are not distinctive. Ok, let’s talk about the situation where the main male and female protagonists are put into. Most of the time, the main protagonist stay alone, maybe they already graduate and go to work, maybe they’re still go to school. But, in many A-M, we can’t see the present of the parents. The main characters support themselves by doing part-time jobs, but, in many cases, they just go to school and live their live without any problems(let’s assume that their parents are somewhere out there sending money to their children every months). It’s a little strange, because, as far as I know, the Japanese people are family-orientation. Maybe the new generation want to break out of their traditional family? I don’t know, but, because of that, it make thing easier to develop the story line(yup, it IS easier without the parents standing there and tell us to do this, do that,etc)

Next, how the male and female antagonist meet the first time and end up staying together. No, they are not just simply bump into each other on the street. There are always some kinds of extraordinary event happen that make them bound to each other forever. Like in To-Love RU, LaLa first meet Rito by jumping into this bathtub(naked of course, tell me about someone who bath with their clothes on)

Keichii meet Belldandy in Ah! My goddess by dialing wrong number to Heaven, Tsukune bumped into Moka in his first day at the demonic school(where he accidently registered to) in Rosario+Vampire, in Ichigo 100%, a girl in strawberry panty fall right in front of Manaka when he visited the school roof(that’s where the name Ichigo came from),etc. Those are just some examples from many “normal” ways to have a first meeting in A-M.

So, what happen after that fateful encounter? By some way, they move into the same house and live together. Usually, the next morning, the male character will find his girl lying next to him on the same bed(some even naked), like here, in Sekirei

Yup, that is a situation that make most of the male audience think:”damn it, if I were him,……….”

After that, the main two(sometime more than that, especially in harem A-M) characters live together, and they have some kind of connection that nothing can tear them apart. Keichii later wish that Belldandy will stay with him forever, thus make an unbreakable contract between a goddess and a human being, LaLa choose Rito as her future husband, Musubi(above) become Misato’s sekirei(by the way, he has 5 sekireis so far), Elle become Takeshi’s guardian angel in Happy World, Kei have to marry Mizuho in Onegai Teacher to keep her secret,etc.

Not all A-M story start with something like that, but if we read/watch a lot, we will likely see those kinds of situation sooner or later. And, in many A-M, there are almost alway a chapter/episode that talk about

1- School festival

2- Summer on the beach(where the character spent their youth in bikinis)

3- Autumn festival (Obon or Bon festival)

4- Chrismast night( and after that will be…………)

5- New Year Eve (all the characters go to the temple to pray)

6- Valentine day(when the main char received chocolate,expected or unexpected,from the girls)

7- Brithday(sometimes)

That’s all, next time I will talk about the typical character in Anime-Manga

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