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About Me

Hi there, maybe you will want to know a little bit about me, or, at least, the purpose of this site (you don’t, arrrgghhhhhhh)

Anyway, I’m a college student, right now, I’m aiming for Nursing major. Actually, medical field is not really my choice, but, I will just put that aside for now. From the day I came to this world, now I’m 22 years old. Some people said I look older than my real age, some said I look younger, about me, I think I look the same as my age. I can play guitar, but still stuck at beginner level.

I create this page is,well, just for fun. My teacher once said:”Life is too short to be serious”. Of course there is something that we have to be serious, but, why not just step back and enjoy life more. I believe we aren’t born to this world just to endure pain and hardship. Basically, this site is all about fun stuffs that I can collect everywhere and put them here. You can call it a “fun hot pot”.

A little more information about me:

Age: 22

Handle: the ordinary gamer

Like: video games, anime, manga, movie, drama, sex, music, Asian food, cute girls, car, hi-tech stuffs.

Dislike: computer crashes, low-speed internet, someone who drive more than 55 mph at a 45 mph street.

Favorite game(for now): Tales of vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery

Favorite anime: Sister Princess( all time favorite)

Favorite manga: School rumble, Love Hina

Favorite songs(for now): Imagine me without you, More than words

Favorite drama: Densha Otoko(also all time favorite)

Well, that will wrap things up. I will update more details later.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Chiisai said

    Hello Jack Truong!
    I work with Atashi on her blog ( and I saw your comment ~
    Good luck with your blog and thanks for adding our blog to your blogroll!

    Judging from the posts I’ve seen, you’re sure into gravure idols, aren’t you? 😉

    – Bye for now!

  2. LB said

    Hey, I saw your comment on my LFMF entry so I thought I’d pop over and give you a link. I’m afraid the more erotic sections I referred to aren’t ready to be posted yet, but I’m on holiday now and I feel I’m making good progress on them 🙂 I’m glad I piqued your interest and I hope you like it

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