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Hi-tech classical headset FTW

Posted by jacktruong on September 28, 2008

ok, what is the main reason you want to use a cellphone? Because you can’t bring your home telephone around all the time

Next, what is the main reason why we use a headset(wire or wireless)? Because we human only have two hand, and we want to make the most out of our hands(to apply make-up while driving for example)

And, here is a product that doesn’t fit or solve the two problem addressed above: THIS IS IT

No, this is not a funny picture, this is an ACTUAL product that is on sale right now on a website I know.

Just take a look, a very gay original idea, but I just don’t understand, if they want to use a phone like that, why not this:

I don’t see any problem by using an actual home phone in stead of a home phone-imitation-headset like that. Maybe thay think it will look cool when they use that thing? I don’t know. And, they even went as far as creating a bluetooth headset like that

Yes, finally, I can have the pleasure of holding a bluetooth headset in my hand all the time, I really don’t like the idea of having that little thing on my ear, and I wonder what other people will think about me. Do I look stupid cooler? I don’t know, but just imagine when I walk down the street, talking with my friends with that retard classic headset in my hand, really give me the thrill.

anyway, if you ever think of purchasing one to use( believe me, it can be a deadly weapon if you have to do hand-to-hand combat) or make it a little gift on April 1st (instead of a whole fish skeleton like usual), visit GraveYardMall for more detail

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